Tango Profile: Fiona and Henry

One of the great things about dancing tango is meeting and getting to know an interesting and eclectic group of individuals.  Here is the first of a series of profiles about some of the people who dance tango and their unique stories.

Fiona and Henry:

Fiona and her dad, Henry decided to make their father-daughter dance at Fiona’s wedding in the fall an upbeat tango (think tango picadito, like D’Arienzo).  They have been taking group classes since January; their progress has been steady, focusing on fundamentals to build a strong, lead and follow foundation.  Lately, they are learning more challenging sequences to create a fun and appropriate dance for Fiona’s big day.

Fiona has the cutest yorkie-chihauhua, Ruby, who has attended a tango class or two.  Henry grew up and still lives in Grismby where he grows veggies hydroponically.


Wanna milonga? Join us on Mondays from 8 to 10pm in Hamilton

Call it a milonga or call it a practica …….

Calling all tango dancers to come out on Monday nights from 8 to 10pm at the Nuvitzo Dance Studio, 4 Newton Ave. in Westdale (Hamilton).  Cost: $5.

Want to learn something new?  There is an Intermediate tango class with Miguel and Michelle at 7pm on Mondays before the milonga (cost: $15 per person drop-in or $80 p.p. for 6 week session).

See you there!