Class Descriptions

New to Argentine tango?

New participants will be able to move effectively around the dance floor using basic figures, walking combinations and turns. They will develop key leading and following skills and understand the nature of the embrace and connection between the couple. Miguel and Michelle incorporate humour, stories and metaphors to make the classes fun and accessible to all learners.

Dancers of all levels can practice and deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of tango from a structural (as opposed to a figure-based) perspective. This perspective will expand your tango possibilities and provides the foundation for improvisation. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn the opposite role.

Been dancing for awhile?

Enhance your strong tango foundation through the methodical study of tango structure, turns and elements (such as sacadas, ganchos, barridas, to name a few) combined to form simple and complex figures. With personal attention and clear and accessible explanations, Miguel and Michelle help you to expand your comfort zone and grow as a leader or a follower. Learn and practice exercises to improve your technique, as well as your leading and following skills.

Is more better?

When it comes to tango, dancing more hours per week is a sure fire way to see greater and faster improvement.  All of our classes are designed to work together, so that you can take one, two or three classes each week and see your tango skills bloom.  Whenever possible, we offer multi-class pricing to help make your passion affordable!

Private Classes

Private classes can supplement or replace group classes.  They offer you an enriched, personalized learning experience in a safe and supportive environment.  You can learn at your own pace and work with your maestro on all aspects of tango or focus on specific issues or problems.  Private classes can be made to fit into your busy schedule.  We are available for daytime and evening private classes.

This page was updated on May 24, 2022.

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