Private Classes

There are many reasons to take private classes with a tango maestro or maestra.  With Miguel and Michelle, you can:

  • Study at your own pace and in a way that respects your learning style.
  • Focus on specific issues and get targeted, personalized instruction.
  • Get instant feedback.
  • Fit tango classes into your schedule.
  • Benefit from an intensive learning approach.
Get the personalized attention you need from Michelle or Miguel to achieve your tango goals.

Discover the benefits of private instruction.  You can book classes with Miguel or Michelle by contacting us at:


We can work in your home if you have space, or in dance studios near you. We offer daytime and evening private classes.

Happy tangoing!

With TLC (tango-loving-care),

Miguel and Michelle

This page was updated on November 6, 2022.

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