Tango classes during March Break Week (March 11 to 17)

Here is a round-up of our classes this week during March Break.  All classes will take place as usual except our class is Burlington at danceScape which has been cancelled.

vector courtesy of dryicons.com
vector courtesy of dryicons.com

Monday at 7pm: Intermediate (Hamilton)

Wednesday at 7pm: Beginner/advanced beginner (Hamilton)

Thursday at 8:15pm: All levels (Swansea TH in Toronto)

Saturday at 8pm: Drop-in for all levels (Palermo TC in Toronto)

All are welcome!  Join us with or without a partner.

If you want more Argentine Tango in your life, are looking for clear, logical and progressive teaching, and take pleasure in the music, movement and sociability of the dance, contact us at miguelymichelletango(at)gmail(dot)com or by phone: 289-799-9249.

We bring tango to you throughout Southern Ontario.   If a group class is not the right fit for you or your schedule, we also offer private and small group instruction at your home and in studios close to you.

Huge tango hugs,

Michelle and Miguel Coppini

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