Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Tango Open House in Hamilton was a great success!!  Thank you to all who joined with us to celebrate one year of tango classes in Hamilton with Miguel and Michelle Coppini.

We could not have done it without your support!  So many of you brought friends and colleagues who learned the basic and joined the more experienced tangueros on the dance floor.  We had approximately 70 people in attendance.   The highlights of the evening included:  lots of delicious treats and refreshments, beginner tango lessons covering the basic step (and more!!), a demonstration by Miguel and Michelle, as well as a draw for 6 private classes.  Congrats to Nick, Rob, Doug, Pam and Malcolm, Eric and Valerie!!

A big part of tango is the community of people that it brings together.  We are honoured and grateful to be members of such an interesting, eclectic and fun group.  We hope many more join us in the future and discover the social, physical, intellectual and spiritual benefits of Argentine Tango.

Check out the slideshow below and spot yourself or someone you know.

Thank you all once again.  See you on the dance floor!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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