Learn some milonga figures in Hamilton on Labour Day Monday

As most of you know, we work on holidays!! For those of you who want to get a delicious taste of some happy milonga moves, join us on Monday, September 3rd in Hamilton. There will be a 60 minute milonga class that starts at 7pm. Milonga refers to one of the 3 tango rhythms; it has a snappy 2/4 time signature and both beats are emphasized making it feel quick and energetic.

This session is focused on simple and stylish milonga figures. Join us and have an end-of-summer blast with Miguel and Michelle.

Drop-ins are most welcome!! The drop-in cost is $15 per person.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday,
Michelle and Miguel

Our classes take place at the Nuvitzo Dance Studio, 4 Newton Ave, Westdale (west end of Hamilton, near McMaster University). Check out the google map below.

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