New tango sessions start this week

Spring is such a rejuvenating season.  It feels like a great time to change up routines and make fresh starts.

We would like to invite you to put a little more tango in your life by joining new sessions of tango classes that start this week.



New tango sessions start soon in Hamilton, Toronto and Waterloo.  Here are the details:

The unique and exciting 3 tempos classes in Waterloo will begin this Sunday, April 12, 2015. Do not miss this 6 week session of classic, dynamic and rhythmic foundations and combinations in tango, milonga and vals. These 2 hour classes are filled with clear instruction on how to really lead and follow simple and complex figures, combinations and elements. The classes take place at Impact Dance Studio (182 Weber St. N, near University Ave).

New beginner/advanced beginner Hamilton classes commence this week, starting Wednesday, April 15 at 7pm.  Classes are 75 minutes long and are held at the Ballroom on Wellington (2nd floor, 15 Wellington St. North; free parking on site). Intermediate classes are on-going and available in both drop-in and session formats on Mondays from 7 to 8:15pm at the same location.

Join our Classic and Creative Class on Thursdays at 8:15pm at the Swansea Town Hall (95 Lavinia Ave near Bloor St. West and Windermere Rd.). This is really a fun class where we explore interesting learning/teaching techniques and figures while always reinforcing tango fundamentals.

Argentine tango classes in Toronto on Saturday nights provide a safe and welcoming place for tango dancers of all levels. No experience or registration is required. Come out every Saturday to the Palermo Tango Club (Joy of Dance Studio, 3rd floor, 95 Danforth Ave, across from the Broadview Subway Station).  The music comes on at 8pm  and the drop-in group class begins at 8:15pm.  This class is open to all levels; newcomers are welcome! Stay for the milonga, friendly atmosphere and free refreshments.

Would you like to change up your tango routine?  Do you want to make more time for the dance that you love?  We would be delighted to see you in our group classes or arrange private lessons that work with your busy schedule.

Warm regards,

Michelle and Miguel

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